Fifty podcasts in the top 500 that climbed the most number of spots overall on May 13, 2014.

Rank  Change  Title
367 Small_arrow_up777 ANDY X
200 Small_arrow_up454 Masklife
470 Small_arrow_up377 Wine and Sass!
446 Small_arrow_up343 Honey Glow: MLP Songs
248 Small_arrow_up334 Doug Jackson's
484 Small_arrow_up300 Nostaljinin Sesi
475 Small_arrow_up295 Ventriloquism Weekly's Podcast
334 Small_arrow_up284 denzdevarez's Podcast
452 Small_arrow_up283 @DjSocaRatty (Soca Jam Show's Podcast)
497 Small_arrow_up256 LättaVägen Podcast
495 Small_arrow_up231 Dj RyB's Podcast
443 Small_arrow_up225 Rocking The Decks With DJ Dundee
436 Small_arrow_up222 DJ Deano Mixes (Handbag Remixes/Funky & Electro...
213 Small_arrow_up218 Martin Lodge Mixes & Shows
411 Small_arrow_up217 LosMillonarios.Net Radio
496 Small_arrow_up214 The Podcast of Grassroots Radio Colorado!
302 Small_arrow_up208 The Boxing Coalition
467 Small_arrow_up206 Gospel Praise Party
433 Small_arrow_up205 El Estudio Verde y Oro
340 Small_arrow_up202 Soy Sonidero Podcast
385 Small_arrow_up202 Land Lantbruks podcast
278 Small_arrow_up199 The uROk Motivation, Inspiration & Relaxation P...
477 Small_arrow_up190 DJ Joe Gauthreaux's Podcast
445 Small_arrow_up180 In Awe of God with John Paul Jackson
254 Small_arrow_up178 Programas da Rádio Botafogo
463 Small_arrow_up177 All Mighty House Sounds By DJ Henry Hall
324 Small_arrow_up174 Metanol, en speedwaypodd
423 Small_arrow_up173 Zappacast - The Frank Zappa Podcast
189 Small_arrow_up171 Rockabilly Roadhouse's Podcast
418 Small_arrow_up171 La Cloaca Internacional
413 Small_arrow_up166 Подкаст о настольных играх
398 Small_arrow_up164 Mark Collins - All Things Soulful
149 Small_arrow_up163 Andy & Nichole's Podcast
380 Small_arrow_up163 Megiddo Radio
417 Small_arrow_up161 Department of War Studies' Podcast
303 Small_arrow_up157 BROWcast
357 Small_arrow_up156 DJ KEL-WIN! GROWN n' SEXY Soul Mix Podcast is B...
476 Small_arrow_up154 Conspirinormal Podcast
362 Small_arrow_up141 Salesdoping Podcast - mit Thomas Reich
359 Small_arrow_up138 Westcity Podcasts
444 Small_arrow_up136 Terrence McNally podcast
274 Small_arrow_up134 Novo Tempo Podcast
106 Small_arrow_up133 Myleik Teele's Podcast
355 Small_arrow_up133 HappyPartyMixes!(^_^)b
89 Small_arrow_up130 Holly-J's Podcast
283 Small_arrow_up130 House Music!!!!!
456 Small_arrow_up127 From Alpha To Omega
31 Small_arrow_up125 Take Action Today's Podcast
394 Small_arrow_up125 La Escuela de Inversion.com
450 Small_arrow_up124 djconnor mixes

55x55_9572694 PLAY Deep Thoughts (Deep House and Te...
Podcast: Ken Steele's Podcast
From: Ken Steele
Duration: 78 min. 4 sec.
55x55_8562440 PLAY Episode 19: EXCLUSIVES!
Podcast: Groh Show with Danny Groh
From: grohshow
Duration: 61 min. 38 sec.
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